Parade Series

Venues looking for an entertainment boost choose to put on a Crazy Sexy Cool series. These run for 3 to 4 weeks and consist of up to 3 parades and 1 modeling competition  (optional) which can be held either at the beginning or the end of a series.

These series draw new clientele to a venue as well as giving the usual crowd a bit of a change. Some of our parade series include “4 weeks of Chic”, “S is for..” and “Lucious, Vicious and Delicious”

Crazy Sexy Cool are happy to tailor-make a series to suit your venue or we have an array of shows ready for you.

The series can be either themed in costume and swimwear, be styled with the latest fashion or a mixture of both. Having 4 weeks of entertainment allows you to promote the event over a longer period and works well with a radio package or utilizing something like "The Guide". It also gives you that something extra to promote to keep your brand in the market place.

For information on our latest series or if you are interested in putting one on in your venue then please contact us on .