Photographic Portfolio Workshops

Photographic workshops are a great way to practice your photographic modeling as well as begin, update or expand your modeling portfolio.

Crazy Sexy Cool run frequent workshops both in studios and on location. We have a range of photographers that specialise in high fashion, glamour, commercial and themed shoots. These shoots come in well under the normal going rate for these photographers and are specially created for the CSC crew.

Our themed workshops also have the added excitement of having your photo chosen for artwork for upcoming parades and competitions!

Our Crazy Sexy Cool photographers include Wayne Daniels, Tyronne Fitzgerald, Alex Howell, David Broadway, Shannon Stent, Fifi Robertson and Marti Hughes.

Workshops are also done so you can upload photo's to our website for clients to view. Photo’s are the tools of this trade so we highly suggest you book in for a shoot now!

Find out who is currently shooting with CSC and when their next portfolio shoot will be.

Catwalk, Parade and Make-up Workshops


These workshops are fantastic for those who want to learn how to model and gain the edge needed to strut their stuff on the catwalk or purely to gain confidence in how they walk and hold themselves. The workshops are one night only and very affordable.

Participants will learn how to walk on the catwalk, model, pose and create their own individual routines and are  taught by one of Crazy Sexy Cool's leading choreographers.

Our catwalk workshops include a Basic Skills Class, Themed Routine Class and then the popular "How to Win Comps and Influence Judges" class.


Crazy Sexy Cool have designed a parade workshop for all those up and coming stars of the stage who would like to experience being part of a fashion parade. The workshops incorporate a 3 hour session of lessons and rehearsals as well as a fully choreographed parade.

Hair, makeup and fashion are all supplied and participants go through the process of a real fashion parade with friends and family encouraged to come and watch. Awards are given at the end of the show and many award winners are placed in future Crazy Sexy Cool parades.


Our makeup workshops teach how to apply suitable stage makeup by a trained makeup artist.

These workshops are run throughout the year and are varied to suit the season or the various events girls may be preparing for.

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