About CSC

Crazy Sexy Cool is a Perth based company launched in 2003 by owner/operator Michaela Maher. Michaela, as a professional dancer and model, had been involved in the modelling, events and entertainment industry since 1985. Her affiliation with the industry included teaching modelling, having a dance company that worked throughout Perth, South East Asia and Japan at the early age of 21, choreographing fashion parades and dance shows throughout her career and also working behind the scenes as a promotions and marketing manager for many nightclubs plus later in life, owner of a hotel. This has given her and Crazy Sexy Cool the edge over their competitors as the company is always thinking of the venue and client as much as the talent on stage or behind the camera.

 The idea behind Crazy Sexy Cool was to be a one stop shop for venues and clients alike. We were the first in Australia to do this within the one company. As for the girls themselves we wanted to help find and create opportunities within the modelling and entertainment industry for girls who fell short of the requirements a standard modelling agency. Crazy Sexy Cool is a sisterhood of sorts. Anyone can become a part of the company, there is something for everyone and all who want a taste of the “Glamorous Life” are embraced with open arms.

Our office is made up of a small, friendly team who pride themselves on making your time with us as rewarding and enjoyable as possible. Whilst “Fun” is one of our key motto’s, Crazy Sexy Cool are renowned for their attention to detail and high work ethic. Crazy Sexy Cool is one of the entertainment and promotional agencies in perth to hold public liability and workers compensation insurance. These things have made us a leader in our industry in WA, a company whose skills are now sought after across the rest of Australia and our talent a great source of pride.

Hope you enjoy our time with us.